The Union County Commission is made up of 16 members representing 7 county districts.  Members of the Union County Commission work to serve constituents and the county through a myriad of duties that include enacting legislation through resolution or ordinance, approving the county’s fiscal budget, setting the county property tax rate, establishing policy, and serving as a voice for the people. Jason Bailey, Union County Mayor, serves as the commission chair.

The Union County Commission meets on the 4th Monday of each month at 7:00pm at the Union County Courthouse.

Union County Court House

Important Info

All courthouse offices are open Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:00pm

The Union County Clerk is open on Saturday from 9:00am-12:00pm

1st District Commissioners Serving the Maynardville Community

Jeff Chesney
Jeff ChesneyCounty Commissioner, 1st District
(865) 216-5296
Gary England
Gary EnglandCounty Commissioner, 1st District
(865) 705-9147
Janet Holloway
Janet HollowayCounty Commissioner, 1st District
(865) 992-0195

2nd District Commissioners Serving the Luttrell Community

Sidney Jessee, Jr.
Sidney Jessee, Jr.County Commissioner, 2nd District
(865) 719-2590
Vacant SeatCounty Commissioner, 2nd District

3rd District Commissioners Serving the Brock and Cedar Grove Communities

Bill Cox
Bill CoxCounty Commissioner, 3rd District
(865) 992-3466
Earl Cox
Earl CoxCounty Commissioner, 3rd District
(865) 992-3185

4th District Commissioners Serving the Big Ridge Community

Danny Cooke
Danny CookeCounty Commissioner, 4th District
(865) 806-2146
Dawn Flatford
Dawn FlatfordCounty Commissioner, 4th District
(865) 992-5399

5th District Commissioners Serving the Sharps Chapel and Speedwell Communities

Jeff Brantley
Jeff BrantleyCounty Commissioner, 5th District
Kenny Hill
Kenny HillCounty Commissioner, 5th District
(865) 278-3666

6th District Commissioners Serving the Paulette Community

R.L. Jones
R.L. JonesCounty Commissioner, 6th District
(865) 258-0763
Debra Keck
Debra KeckCounty Commissioner, 6th District
(865) 660-7139
Larry Lay
Larry LayCounty Commissioner, 6th District
(865) 992-5558

7th District Commissioners Serving the Plainview Community

Joyce Meltabarger
Joyce MeltabargerCounty Commissioner, 7th District
Becky Munsey
Becky MunseyCounty Commissioner, 7th District